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Silicone products how to judge its quality?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

With the continuous development of innovative industries silicone products, widely used in various industries, the market is also more and more silicone products currently on the market, but there are some inferior or fake silicone products, so when buying silicone products how to judge the quality of silicone products?

1.The wear resistance is the production of molding silicone products with the surface of silicone products to suffer a loss, the general surface of silicone products rarely due to external factors rub off the surface of the product, does not affect the performance of the appearance, color, text. The poor quality silica gel products surface characters easy to fall.


2.Silicone products have good elasticity, because high elasticity is mainly from the molecular chain of silicone segment movement, so in the purchase of silicone products first look at the elasticity of silicone products to determine the quality.


3.Silicone products subject to alternating stress (or strain) effect, the structure and performance of the material change phenomenon called fatigue. With the fatigue process, resulting in the destruction of silicone products called fatigue damage. So fatigue resistance is also to identify the quality of silica gel products.


4.Silicone products high tear strength anti destruction ability outstanding, long service life, less susceptible to outside interference, the tear strength of silicone products poor general performance gap is easy to appear in the tearing process, so as to force rapid expansion and cracking damage phenomenon.


5.Hardness and elongation stress are important indicators of stiffness (stiffness) of rubber materials, both of which are required by silica gel products to produce certain deformation. Is also a method to identify the quality of silicone products.