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Carefully select the water bottle

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

An inadvertent choice in life may be harmful to your body,In particular, our choice of daily necessities,The cup to become an indispensable item in our lives,So silicone products manufacturers to remind friends in the choice of water bottle is still carefully chosen,And for the market above the various styles of water bottle,So you don't know how to choose.Many of friends in the selection of the cup at the same time only care about the price and appearance of the cup and size.But never concerned about material and security issues.So that a lot of toxic substances are emitted to the human body.
In the market,We can see a lot of different materials cup,And among the many water bottle, only glass and silicone  produced by the water bottle is the most healthy material,The remaining material will emit toxic substances,Here to introduce you to those toxic materials.
1.plastic water bottle
Contains polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other chemical substances,Cleaning is not clean,Long-term use lead to toxin distribution
2.Paper cups
Add a large number of white light-bulb agent and unknown fiber,On the human body may cause cancer
3.Hardware stainless steel cup
Looks really high grade,craftwork  is also very delicate,But its material which chromium, molybdenum ,, manganese, titanium, lead and so on
Why is the most secure glass material and silicone material?
First glass in refining it through several hundred degrees of high temperature thermoforming,There will be no chemical substances surfaced,So do not worry about drinking water when drinking any chemicals,Refined products out of the surface smooth,Cleaning will not breed any germs and residuals,But the disadvantage is easy to burst,break.
For the silicone water bottle,With high and low temperature performance,Regardless of any occasion will not break,Is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material,Material is relatively soft,In between 30 degrees to 80 degrees.