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Silicone gifts refer to those

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

Silicone, also known as silicone rubber, is a kind of rubber. Silicone products with environmental protection, good flexibility, non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature, no deformation of the advantages of the same time, made of silicone products with a strong skin-friendly, so feel in the hand feel good, there are many breast surgery Are used as a filler for the use of silica gel, which shows the environmental protection of silicone and security, while silica gel is also widely used in other areas, such as some pipe seals and so on. But because the cost of silica is not low, so not yet large-scale use, only some very sophisticated place to use. Because silicone has many advantages, so the silicone products widely loved by people, therefore, made of silicone gifts are more and more, more and more people love. So what is the silicone gift? Which of these good-looking fun? See the introduction below.
Silicone gifts for silicone watches
Silicone watch is a kind of electronic watch, his watch core and the basic electronic watch is basically the same, but its strap, but it is made of silicone, such a strap with a good sense of flexibility and other advantages, at the same time, very Environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, compared with other electronic watch, the safety factor is high, can effectively avoid the risk of children worn by electronic watch injury, so the children used to create more watches are not given to children Two choice.
Silicone Bracelet Silicone Bracelet
With the development of science and technology, smart wear equipment to do it. Smart bracelet is one of them, compared to the watch, bracelet smaller, high technology content, with silicone bracelet wrist strap, not only good elasticity, feel good, it is important non-toxic harmless security High, to avoid the poisonous rubber wristbands, even if people wear for a long time, do not have to worry about any harm, so now most of the bracelet with silicone tape. And a stylish smart bracelet for gifts is also a good choice.
Silicone gift of silicone pendant
Silicone pendant can be used as a small ornament for children or as a small gift to others, although not too expensive, but also a mind, and these pendant style, colorful, handsome, very beautiful. Is a good choice for the gift of silicone as a new type of material, has its unique advantages and safety, by the people's favor is also due to the, and made of silicone gifts, not only nice, bright colors, and, Safety factor is high, then why do we not choose a gift when a gift silicone? Well Xiaobian's introduction to here, please continue to pay attention to other content of this site.
1. Silicone baby products: such as silicone necklace series, silicone pendants, pacifier chain, gutta toys, silicone beads, silicone bracelet, silicone nasal suction device, silicone feeding device, silicone children's placemat and so on.
2. Silicone daily necessities: silicone ashtrays, silicone wallet and silicone mirror
3 .. Silicone watch series: LED watch, silicone apple strap and silicone tape.
4. silicone electronic area: silicone mobile phone sets, silicone mobile power sets, silicone loudspeakers
5. other