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    [Industry dynamic]What are the difficulties of the export of FDA silicone prod[2017-05-16]
    To detect the FDA material of silica gel products must have to use high tension, high transparency silicone raw materials. Recently the companys products are high performance products also appeared a lot of problems, for childrens toys infa...
    [Industry dynamic]why to say silicone is environmentally friendly material?[2017-05-16]
    Silica gel nH2O chemical formula mSiO2 (Silica, gel; Silica) is a kind of high active adsorption material, is amorphous substance, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkal...
    [Industry dynamic]Carefully select the water bottle[2017-05-15]
    Pacifier this kind of thing to make a lot of parents are very curious, so in the end is not for babies use pacifiers, baby sucking nipples in the end there is no problem, Many parents want to know pacifier whether there is harm , Many paren...
    [Industry dynamic]Silicone Necklace Why Popular in Foreign Countries?[2017-05-15]
    Silicone necklacefor the domestic people is relatively unfamiliar, We have seen the necklace are basically made of gold or silver, The first time I saw the silicone necklace is to buy childrens teether toys , Then the silicone necklace is a...
    [Industry dynamic]What material is good for baby teether?[2017-05-15]
    General baby 4 months began to long teeth, Baby tooth gum basic function is to ease the baby tusk discomfort, Baby to the sprouts period can be used teether, However, What materials are most suitable for producing baby teether Silicone te...
    [Industry dynamic]Obama 's farewell speech[2017-05-15]
    Chicago January 10 under a rainy day, the weather was gloomy, cold wind swept the Great Lakes water. McCormick, one of the largest convention and exhibition centers in North America, is located on the shores of the lake, where Obama celebra...
    [Industry dynamic]Why the Surface of Silicone Products not Smooth ?[2017-05-15]
    Silica products produced during the production mold surface is not smooth appear, there are signs of streaking, how else? Many silicone products manufacturer at the time of production of products have appeared in the mold surface of the mol...
    [Industry dynamic]Why Do Purchase Silicone Foldable Water Bottle?[2017-05-15]
    Water is the source of life,Therefore, the container of water is very important,A wide variety of kettles on the market,Why Do Purchase Silicone Foldable Water Bottle? Because silicone foldable water bottle is better than that all of the wa...