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Fantastic outdoor folding kettle, new fashion release!

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

Day talk about the new silicone glass products, we first look at:
In the traditional impression of everyone, the cup is the same shape of the cylinder, you can say that the lack of innovation. But in the eyes of designers, the cup should be given more new changes in order to meet the requirements of the times. Recently, a new full of folding telescopic travel kettle come out, this from the shape is very creative, very convenient after the user to carry the fold, we may wish to come together onlookers.
 This folding cup uses PP, silicone material, does not contain bisphenol A, plasticizer and other toxic substances, but also has a certain high temperature and low temperature performance, the lowest can be minus 40 degrees, the maximum can also be 230 degrees Celsius. In the use of time, very simple, just a few steps can be folded cup finished. After the completion of folding, you can easily put into the bag to carry, or even directly into the pocket of jeans, very user-friendly.
 A variety of different colors optional, and use the traditional cup is no different! More worth mentioning is that this folding cup can be applied to any travel status, whether it is camping, walking, riding, or petty bourgeoisie high-quality travel, it can be fully integrated into them. It will not be as heavy as the ceramic cup inconvenience; it will not be like the plastic cup is not high temperature, toxic and harmful; not like glass fragile, but not like a stainless steel cup easy metal poisoning. At present this magic folding cup has been a lot of users of the test. And, has been logged on several domestic platforms.