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Do you know the silicone materials increase in price?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

   Recently, on the national economic regulation and control, silicone products factory also deeply felt what the market price increases, raw material prices rose, carton prices, and logistics prices also rose ..


   Silicone products are now in the production season, each silicone products are intended to produce more products. But the recent economic adjustment led to a variety of material prices continue to skyrocket, so that the product cost is also a corresponding increase. Coupled with the competition in the market, the price squeeze peer, making the original meager profit is even worse.


   The price regulation is a test of survival of the fittest, for yuan feng xing ye is also an opportunity. We only have to digest their own increasing costs, improve production efficiency, to avoid the simple price of silicone products to deal with in order to create their own competitive advantage.

 collapsible silicone water bottle
    So far,shenzhen yuanfeng xing ye technology co.,ltd has not customized silicone key to the customer price increases. This is not to say how high our profits, just want to do our best efforts to customer satisfaction, customer custom silicone products more advantages. If in the future one day, yuanfeng xing ye silicone products  raised prices, and also hope that as everyone can understand God. Because only we cooperate with each other, mutual support, to go better, farther!