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What are the difficulties of the export of FDA silicone prod

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

To detect the FDA material of silica gel products must have to use high tension, high transparency silicone raw materials. Recently the company's products are high performance products also appeared a lot of problems, for children's toys infant teether and so on, that customers are made of high demand, high performance, so production of the mold is more demanding, in addition to die in the product appearance also has some special requirements such as, whether the appearance of dirty material if there is a shift and other factors, so the FDA certification products what are the main difficulties?

silicone teething necklace

For export products mold is mainly focus on appearance, so the general mold quality is not up to the requirements of appearance, is closely related to the quality of mold surface and silicone products, so we see some of the surface is very smooth and reflective products is to mould the appearance of plating or polished, if you do high transparent products first choice of high quality food grade high strength silica in raw materials, which is also in the mold must be vulcanized by electroplating or polished mold, in the premise of the appearance of high brightness to enhance high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, tensile resistance, resilience etc.. Especially for the export of professional products to do long-term contact with the human body skin silicone products manufacturers, polishing electroplating mold production products more can be recognized by the market.

silicone baby teether

A part of the appearance of silicone products in the industry that the production environment is very important, for food grade silicone products theoretically are dust-free workshop to achieve the desired effect, try to keep the environment clean and dust-free processing so do high transparent products, recently is the premise to meet the requirements of customers and improve product. So Bo Dili specially customize a program, making similar products machine is arranged on one side, producing high quality products in the side, the production of ordinary accessories and miscellaneous items and placed on the side, so the need for a variety of testing and certification of product environment is also very important!