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why to say silicone is environmentally friendly material?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

     Silica gel nH2O chemical formula mSiO2 (Silica, gel; Silica) is a kind of high active adsorption material, is amorphous substance, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material. Silicone combustion does not produce odor, poison, residue is a non-toxic harmless white powder. So silicone landfill, incineration are not environmental damage. In addition, due to the high recovery value of silicone, rarely abandoned. In summary, silicone is an excellent environmental protection material. Worthy of a large number of applications in the field of daily necessities. Silicone production of silicone products, not only to protect people's health, but also to alleviate environmental pressures. The use of environmentally friendly materials, the earth is more healthy, our living environment is more suitable for human habitation! Not only bring us silicone products, but also bring us a bright future for the environment.