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Carefully select the water bottle

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Pacifier this kind of thing to make a lot of parents are very curious,so in the end is not for babies use pacifiers,baby sucking nipples in the end there is no problem,Many parents want to know pacifier whether there is harm ,Many parents want to know the pacifier merit.See below analysis

1.Enhance the sense of security

From the baby to 2 years old to enter the oral period,the baby sucks through the mouth,will help the baby to relief tension mood,enhance the sense of security.In addition to sucking the way to eat to maintain growth and development outside,also by the action of sucking to promote the lips and tongue nearby touch.gain with the feeling of happiness.

2.Relieve emotions

Sucking is a way for babies to relieve their emotions,If there is no pacifier,many babies will Eat finger to achieve their goals,it's easy to get sick because their fingers are not clean,may affect the development of their gums.

3.Prevent sudden death

Research shows,sleeping use of the baby's pacifier chance of sudden death than did not use the baby 3 times lower.because pacifier will let the baby to keep supine or side sleeping position,will not be prone to increase the risk of sudden death.

The above describes the benefits of pacifier,In use can also increase a silicone pacifier clip, to prevent loss

silicone pacifier clip