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Silicone Necklace Why Popular in Foreign Countries?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Silicone necklace for the domestic people is relatively unfamiliar,We have seen the necklace are basically made of gold or silver,The first time I saw the silicone necklace is to buy children's teether toys ,Then the silicone necklace is a new material of the current necklace,Very fashionable products in foreign countries,And the market is good,But the return to the domestic market,The demand for silicone necklace is very small!

Silicone necklace why popular in foreign countries?We come to the silicone necklace to be a systematic analysis,But also allow consumers to further understand the silicone products.

Silicone necklace is made of silicone material,The silicone is a non-toxic harmless material,Stability and good performance,In addition to strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid,Not with other reactions,And resistant to high and low temperature,Can be used between -40-230 degrees,Material is also relatively soft,And it has a desiccant effect.

We understand the material through the silicone,You can know the silicone necklace has the following characteristics:

1.Long service life 

Good stability,Resistant to high and low temperature,Soft texture,Will not be easily deformed with the material hard hair rupture phenomenon,Fell to the ground will not easily break!

2.Resistant to high and low temperature

Can be used between -40-230 degrees,We can put in the microwave oven or oven use is not afraid of the phenomenon of melting occurs.

3.mould proof

Long time will not be afraid to say that the emergence of the phenomenon of mildew.

4.Easy to clean

Silicone necklace easy to clean,Wash with water can be very good to clean the necklace,In line with our extreme demand for living products!

Silicone necklace in general is a new material necklace,It has the characteristics are in line with our current demand for living products:Safe, soft, beautiful, easy to clean,Breaking the traditional necklace,Bring a beautiful color to our lives


Silicone Necklace