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What material is good for baby teether?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

General baby 4 months began to long teeth,Baby tooth gum basic function is to ease the baby tusk discomfort,Baby to the sprouts period can be used teether,However,What materials are most suitable for producing baby teether

Silicone teether used silicone material with non-toxic tasteless ,Chemical stability.Can withstand high and low temperature,High-quality finish,Strong tear resistance

Anti-aging can not afford sticky and other characteristics.Because the teether use of silicone rubber production.

The yuanfeng silicone teether  are many designs,With the role of massage gums,By sucking and gluing,Can promote the baby's eyes, hand coordination,Thereby promoting the development of intelligence.

Theoretically,When the baby is in a bad mood,Through the sucking pacifier and teeth to appease can get psychological satisfaction and security.