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Obama 's farewell speech

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Chicago January 10 under a rainy day, the weather was gloomy, cold wind swept the Great Lakes water. McCormick, one of the largest convention and exhibition centers in North America, is located on the shores of the lake, where Obama celebrated his reelection four years ago. Now, he chose to give a farewell speech here, and his 8-year White House career to say goodbye.

Chicago night 8 pm,Obama in the U2 band song "blind city" mounting the stage,"It’s good to be home" began his farewell speech nearly an hour.

Farewell speech,It is inevitable to look back on 8 years of ruling achievements,Obama repeatedly enumerate various data,Compared with 8 years ago when he first came to power,The United States "better and more powerful",He took more time to talk A Split US How to Fight Future Challenges,Pointed out that the progress of the road is always difficult, in the two step may be a step backwards,Obama implemented "the most radical industrial policy since Roosevelt, Johnson since the largest poverty alleviation plan, Reagan since the most substantial tax cuts in the history of the most research inputs."

And failed to curb social inequality intensified, leading to widening gap between rich and poor; did not contribute to the mitigation of ethnic conflicts, as the first black president in American history, the ruling reign of racism became the last 8 years of Obama's "failure" .