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Why the Surface of Silicone Products not Smooth ?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Silica products produced during the production mold surface is not smooth appear, there are signs of streaking, how else? Many silicone products manufacturer at the time of production of products have appeared in the mold surface of the mold streaks, marks, not smooth and many other phenomena, that this phenomenon is caused in the end because of what? Silicone products production experience accumulated more than 10 years, in this sum up, hoping to help you!

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The phenomenon of silicone products in the production process, the mold will not appear smooth surface, traces of stripes, because the product or model to be copied no grinding or polishing sake. Because in fact the model or the product itself is not smooth enough or perfect, so the product or model to be copied if not polished or polished, even the best silicone mold will do pretty, it is not smooth enough. Another case is, when the release agent in the fight, not even brushing can also cause mold is not smooth. Polishing is to produce wrist band mold is an important part.

Polish: the mold surface by dissolving regularly achieve bright and smooth. Since silicone products mold surface micro inconsistency, surface microstructure protrusions preferential dissolution and dissolution rate greater than the rate of dissolution of the recessed portion; and forming a film dissolution and the film is always the same time, but its rate differences, resulting in products the surface roughness can be leveled in order to achieve a smooth shiny surface. Thereby preventing the emergence of the mold surface is not smooth, there are traces, stripes and so on.