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This Water Bottle Can Collapsible

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Like the movement will want to have a practical and convenient water bottle, you can solve the problem of minutes to add water. There are too many kettles on the market to attract people, but if it is not convenient then it will not be interested in sports. So there is a convenient water bottle for the movement of the pro who is very important.

collapsible silicone water bottle

Xiao Bian today recommended the focus of this hot-selling kettle in the United States, can not be a perfect solution to space, weight and light these two issues. The kettle of the cup made of silicone, not only environmentally friendly non-toxic, but also has the effect of folding, it is saving space. If you think it is only the two characteristics, then it is wrong, in fact, it is the most important is also heat 450 degrees, can be placed in the microwave heating, outdoor picnic can also be boiled water on open fire, when you are not careful Injury can be added to ice as an ice bag, then, when the weather is cold when you can add hot water as a hot water bottle for heating purposes. And if the children want to eat snacks, but do not know where to put, you can think of it.

silicone foldable water bottle

In fact, this folding kettle function is far more than these, is how we use it, all just to let you light battle, enjoy the fun of sports.