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Why silicone products easy to absorb dust?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Have troubles in silicone products that covered with impurities,so that many people don't like silicone products,but we can take measures prevention.


Silicone is mainly a physical adsorption force,Even where it is placed anywhere,Dust will be with the static reaction gradually sticky in the product surface,Because the organic silicon material is anodic,Do a variety of chemical auxiliary materials on other polar substances have a strong adsorption reaction.In order to enhance the adsorption of silicone,The active structural units of the adsorbent should be increased.Therefore,if the silicone is calcined to complete dehydration,The silicone hydroxyl group of the silica gel is completely destroyed to reduce or even no adsorption capacity,If silicone add a lot of water,Its adsorption force will also decrease,This is because the silanol group forms too many hydrogen bonds with water to reduce its lively ratio.

Second,for the relatively high hardness of the product does not adsorb the effects of dust and debris,For low hardness products using electrostatic compound production will not sticky dust this phenomenon,Silicone rubber products for the adsorption problem for silicone rubber products manufacturers can first bake to keep the product is dry to remove a certain amount of static electricity,In the spray handle oil to prevent sticky dust,Hand feeling oil is an oily substance main function is to increase the surface of the silicone surface smoothness,Keep the dustproof effect,For consumer friends, you can buy white oil appropriate wipe,With clean cloth sticky alcohol can also remove the appearance of dust!