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How to enhance the appearance of silicone products grade?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

For silicone products,appearance is particularly important,If not specifically requested silicone rubber products,do the surface are generally sand surface,If the customer has special requirements,You can make according to the actual needs of polished mirror effect,Can enhance the appearance of silicone products finishing effect.


silicone products in order to look good for the surface shape,can use embossing process, silk screen pattern or paste drill,so that the silicone products beauty,Meet the needs of different customer base,However, if the customer requires a single color,And do not need other too much decoration,So we generally recommend to the customer Texture , plus shiny oil, the overall effect immediately increased, resistant and dirt .


Silicone is a very strong plastic raw materials,Can be widely used in baby supplies,Shenzhen Yuanfeng is a set of mold design, proofing, production, sale and other integrated production of silicone rubber products manufacturers, professional customers to map sample processing all types of silicone products, welcome to visit the Advisory.

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