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Kettle of the classification - kettle wholesale offer - kett

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

The kettle is a container filled with water, there are a variety of materials, can refer to the burning of water with a metal pot, you can also refer to easy to carry a drinking kettle, and so some!



Classification of kettles


(A) by use points

1, electric kettle: hot water, hot that is used, mostly used for tea.

Electric kettle was born in Chicago in 1891. With the development of science and technology, fast, safe, convenient and full use of energy has become the main features of the kettle, the tea of the British people since then fell in love with her. To the twenty-first century has become the world's best-selling products. Electric kettle is used in the intelligent induction temperature control, with water after the automatic power off, anti-dry power off function. With the needs of life, electric kettle is also to the direction of multi-functional development, such as leakage, anti-hot, lock water and so on. Electric kettle with heating speed, good insulation effect, filter function, style and more advantages.
The practical value of the kettle is mainly reflected in the heating speed, the general burning pot of water as long as 5-8 minutes, electric kettle can be said that a fast energy-saving heating appliances. And then easy to use, water open automatic power failure to protect the use of security. Recommended general home selection of stainless steel fast electric kettle, so you can avoid the use of plastic kettle on the issue of safety.

2, the water of the kettle: the general banquet, the family with the water container, and sub-insulation and non-insulation.

3, insulation kettle: double stainless steel vacuum insulation pot, there are double glass insulation kettle, used for hotels, clubs, conference rooms, home hot water needs.

A, movement with: refers to some of the more intense exercise occasions with the kettle, such as running, climbing, etc., is characterized by more emphasis on the quality of the buckle and sealing function;

B, outdoor use: refers to the walking, picnic, tourism and other occasions, is characterized by more light, the multiple forms of buckle;

C, students can be used and outdoor use of the kettle almost, but because it is a child to use, in the design and production of professional kettles are different, the students use sports kettle more attention to easy to use and easy to use, such as That is, they can be used to open the lid instead of plug cover;

D, military water bottle: the Chinese People's Liberation Army 3522 factory-made 78-type multi-function kettle, the army field forces active standard equipment, lightweight and practical. 78-type multi-function kettle Features: After a rigorous oxidation, leakproof pot lid with pot body, high temperature, corrosion resistance. Pot body has a covered aluminum box, lunch box can be used as a cup bracket to connect, and cover the lid, you can hang for the pot. The lid can also block the dust of the firewood, you can also use dish dishes. Many connection points are folded and designed for easy handling and carrying. Canvas's kettle jacket, there is a certain insulation, anti-hot effect, can be inclined hanging. Spouting with cold extrusion process, smooth and smooth. Drink will not be injured, carrying the phenomenon will never leak. With a rope of the leaky lid with pot body, will not be lost. Small size, many features, very practical, easy to carry, not afraid to knock, reduce the outdoor load. Another army green kettle jacket, you can back in the body. Some retro is also pulling the wind

(B) by material points
1, plastic material (main material);
2, stainless steel material;
3, aluminum alloy material;
4, ceramic material;
5, glass material;
6, resin material material;
7, other materials.

Kettle brand
Probably out of ten or so: Bi Ran kettle, Lycra kettle, times the water bottle, PUR kettle, Mitsubishi Liyang kettle, sharp silver spring kettle, the United States cook kettle, Supor kettle, Ai Shida kettle,

The kettle has become a basic configuration for many users because of its affordable durability, safe and reliable, easy insurance, and the ability to choose from different colors and styles according to personal preferences. How to buy to reassure, affordable, able to drink pots of safety, become an important issue can not be ignored.