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You do not know the outdoor sports kettle little common sens

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

The outdoor kettle must have the function

1, do not leak, do not think this is a joke, in fact, the word contains two aspects of meaning: one is strong, on the one hand is safe. The wild environment is bad, bumps is difficult to avoid. If your outdoor kettle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if its opening is not closed, not only will be lost in the wild very valuable drinking water, and perhaps will be portable clothing equipment and other items wet. If food, clothing and other important items were killed, in some extreme environment may have your life.
2, easy to carry, outdoor use of the kettle in many cases, sometimes on the bike, sometimes in the rock, which on the kettle of the portable requirements. And some of the containers made of soft materials, such as water bottles and leather kettle, more can not replace the advantages of their size and shape can be changed as needed, which is undoubtedly you have overloaded the backpack of the Gospel.

The main points of the sporting kettle
Optional outdoor sports kettle points can be summarized as twelve words: rugged, safe and reliable, easy insurance.
1, "rugged" key is the pot body material and wall thickness
Sports kettle material for the pure aluminum, China as a large aluminum products, product range, in the material selection, the various manufacturers are different, many domestic kettle brand marked with pure purity of 99.5%, but the actual situation is not the case, Even most manufacturers are using recycled aluminum.
Another factor is the wall thickness of the kettle, the general movement of the water bottle thickness of 0.7mm. As the average consumer is difficult to distinguish the movement of the kettle wall thickness, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, will be opportunistic to reduce the thickness of the kettle to save materials, and some manufacturers even thinning the wall thickness of 0.5mm. To determine the pot of pot wall thickness of an intuitive feeling is that if you take in the hands of contrast, thin wall thickness of the kettle will be lighter.
If the movement of the kettle selection of aluminum purity is not high, or wall thickness cut corners, in use, it is easy to crash or fall and depression, crashed or even burst. General sports water bottle selection aluminum higher purity, wall thickness of the standard, the strength and toughness of the movement of the kettle will be better, anti-collision and impact ability is also stronger. Of course, the better the quality, the cost and price will be a corresponding increase.
2, "safe and reliable" is the key to moving the inner coating of the kettle
As we all know, too much intake of aluminum, will cause a greater harm to human health, sports kettle coating is to solve the problem of isolation: the movement of water bottles, fruit juice, milk, coffee and other drinks and aluminum potty isolated Come.
Silicone sports bottle inner coating composition is more than 20% of the resin, about 1% of the additives, the rest are solvents. Sports kettle quality is good or bad, whether the safety and reliability of the most important determinants, the first is the inner coating of raw materials itself is safe, will not bring harm to human health, in addition to the inner coating in the kettle inside the spray quality is uniform, Attached to the firm, and to achieve the necessary thickness, so as to ensure the reliability of the beverage and aluminum pot body isolation.
The inner coating of the sports kettle must meet the hygienic requirements of the food grade, but due to the lack of supervision and testing, the current domestic sports kettle products, in addition to several large-scale manufacturers, the other large number of low-cost products within the coating almost There are different degrees of problems.
3, the use of safety, the general movement of the kettle lid are covered by the lid and the two parts of the gasket. In the course of the use of the general movement of the kettle due to the quality of hard, but the gasket will be too tight because of the tight squeeze a long time, cold or hot air temperature factors and stick in the spout part, even from the lid, , And sometimes lost and affect the re-use of the kettle.
Good sports water bottle with secondary injection molding technology, the gasket and lid directly into one, both reached a very good sealing effect, but also fundamentally put an end to the possibility of detachment.
The sealing of the spout part depends on the degree of fit between the lid and the spout thread. If the fit is not high enough, in the course of normal use may be the phenomenon of leakage of water, and will bring a lot of inconvenience to use, in this regard must have a lot of people have had some unpleasant experience.
In addition, almost all of the outdoor movement of the kettle spout thread edge are sharp, although scratched fingers and lips is not a lot of things, but still occasional. Good outdoor sports kettle for this will be more user-friendly processing and processing, is the edge of the thread made of arc, so as to completely eliminate even a small probability of scratching the possibility of fingers and lips.