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Bring the tall kettle, let us and outdoor sports to a love i

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Bid farewell to the continuous rainy season, the recent climate temperature is appropriate, it is an excellent time for outdoor travel. In the breeze, breathe the same fresh air, feel the same scenery along the way, although only a temporary farewell to the dizzy high-rise buildings, but give us is a new feeling and inspiration, this is not very good ?

In the long outdoor activities on the way, the water is indispensable, the water is not only the mood of people to reconcile the mood, but also allow you to get closer to nature, give you a tense and urban life to enjoy the opposite. If the city's air pressure you get through, then how long have you not close to nature?

Then go out to travel to play, climbing wading to ease your stress now!

People who have experience in outdoor activities know that outdoor sports need to rely on water, water is sufficient to ensure the quality of life and physical health of the most basic conditions, so outdoor outdoors with a kettle is necessary. Simple mountain climbing and water draft can not make you at any time to solve the thirst, but will consume more energy and bring health risks. Because in many cases there is no water to drink is the key to the success of an event, so in any one of the books that introduce outdoor life, how to obtain, transport, save and rational allocation of limited use of drinking water is an important chapter.

So how do we choose the outdoor kettle? But the recent silicone folding kettle special fire! Should be a good choice!

Talking about this silicone folding kettle, have to say that this kettle processing technology is very special, from the exquisite silicone material, ultra-light, strong, not cracked) extrusion and made of complex processes.

This kettle has several special features:

First, the super toughness (the body part of the use of soft silicone material toughness impact resistance super, random compression is not deformed), but also to prevent the kettle in the fall when the serious deformation.

Second, this kettle is creative heart break, the real folding kettle, replacing the cumbersome bundled kettle, folded up and put the bag, put the pocket, hang up OK, store lace more convenient.

Third, the use of environmentally friendly silicone (100% of the product material through ROHS, BPA and the US FDA and the EU's RACH and LFGBT detection, food-grade health material, both high temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius and no toxic substances)

Compared with other water tools, sports kettle as a durable, safe and reliable, easy insurance, and can be based on personal preferences and have different colors, style design, has become the basic configuration of outdoor enthusiasts. How to buy to reassuring, affordable, safe drinking water bottle, become an important issue can not be ignored.