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Healthy silicone water bottle! What are the kettle is harmfu

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

Life a casual choice could be the possibility of harm to your health, especially our selection for articles for daily use is convenient, and the cup to become indispensable items in our life, so ChengYan industrial small make up remind friends in the choice of glass articles for daily use is still choose carefully, for now on the market a variety of styles, the material cup already fan took your eyes, a lot of friends in the choice of the cup and only care about the price of the cup and the appearance and size, but never pay attention to material and security issues, let a lot of toxic substances by radiation to human body, when accumulated to a certain number but don't know what to do.

On the market, we can see a lot of different material of glass, and many cups of only glass and silica gel glass is the most healthy the rest material will emit toxic substances, introduce the toxic material for you below. First plastic cups drop is known to all, shape, how wide, color bright but containing poly acrylic, PVC and other chemical substances, cleaning not net, use for a long time to send out toxins. Paper cups, with a large number of unknown white whitening agent and fiber, the possibility of cancer to the human body. Hardware stainless steel cups, looks really high class and do the work is also the most delicate a material, but its material of chromium, molybdenum, titanium, manganese, lead and so on one can let you body under different degrees of damage.

Why glass material and silicone material glass the safest, first when glass refining it after a few high temperature hot forming, baidu will not have any chemical emerge in the surface, so when the water don't have to worry about drinking any chemicals, refining the product surface is smooth, after drinking water when cleaning won't breed any bacteria and residual material. But the drawback is easy not high temperature insulation blowout, and easy to break and so on. For silicon rubber products produced by the same is one of the best glass material, the performance of the glass base it has, and it also has a high and low temperature resistance performance, can't hurt no matter in any occasion, silica gel is a kind of synthetic rubber, his main synthetic material is silicon dioxide, not conflict with any material, is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, texture is soft between 30 to 80 degrees, now has nearly been widely used to the life we are!