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Completely out of the troubles of the Department of shoelace

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-15

In the eyes of lazy, the Department of shoelaces is a trouble, tied a beautiful, comfortable shoelaces is even more difficult. And today for everyone to bring a small lazy silicone lace, for the lovely sickle shape, easy to interspersible easy to fall off, one by one, you can directly perforation. It is characterized by not falling lace, elastic, colorful, modeling and free with, to give your feet more comfort. Whether you are an athlete, or a mother who wants to get out of the child's lace for the day, or a child who does not want to be a shoelace every day, lazy silicone lace is your daily life more convenient.

Why is it lazy shoelace? The reason is that it uses a special buckle, only the first time on the Department once, since there is no shoelace loose trouble, go out, a set of shoes can immediately go out, do not need to bend down, squatting on the ground tied shoelaces, said Go away

It is said that this shoelace is an inadvertent, because the designer saw the basketball like her husband due to step off the shoelaces and broke the calf, the heartache, while whim, "why not change the rubber band into a pair of neither Fall and feel comfortable shoelaces? "So there is the first designed for her husband's lazy silicone shoelaces. Although it is not what smart products, but you can let the sports enthusiasts completely out of the troubles of the Department of shoelaces, and not easy to loose do not have to repeatedly operation.