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Throw away the old shoelaces, put on a new artifact silicone

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-13

I have a pair of very comfortable flat shoes,

Walk baby, shopping, sports are preferred.


Can be in the ointment is that the shoelace is too long.
Each time the last step tied shoelaces,
Looking at the long hanging on both sides,
Always feel kind of inexplicable ugly.
I tried to tie the kind of fancy like the network,
Finally, when the bow ends,
It is difficult to evaluate this "good-looking"!
For a short shoelace, often walking away,
Shoelaces loose loose.
Tied shoelaces really is a very troublesome thing.
Unless someone is helping you!
One day, others gave me a recommended artifact issued,
I am happy, shoelaces!
Rightly, it is a silicone shoelace!
I'll make an order!

After receiving the goods, with conscience, can not help knowing smile!
Clever design, resistant to the material,
Out of the effect ...
As for the good-looking or not,
This is very subjective.
Personal pure feel that too convenient!