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Outdoor travel folding creative cup

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-13

This is a creative and stylish kettle, food grade silicone, the use of safe high-quality environmentally friendly silicone (PDA certified), the product through the FDA testing, and the EU standard test, with the baby with the bottle is the same, the market Many of the more than a dozen are made of plastic shoddy
As people on the quality of life and the pursuit of health, the market for silicone raw materials, environmental protection requirements are also increasing,
Non-toxic and tasteless; unique design, the cup body can be folded, outdoor travel more convenient, this summer to make you the best, I carefully prepared, just want to make you more
Not all the cups can make you heart, it is fashion toys!
One hand to master, portable portable, carry more convenient, sealed leakproof, perfect travel without burden!
The trend of four-color, with your favorite, sports partner 530ML capacity to meet the daily movement of water required, the cup temperature -40 to 230,
Have to say that this kettle processing technology is very special, from the exquisite silicone material, ultra-light, strong, not cracked) extrusion stretch and made by the complex process.

First, the super toughness (the body part of the use of soft silicone material toughness impact resistance super, random compression is not deformed), but also to prevent the kettle in the fall when the serious deformation.


Second, this kettle is creative heart break, the real folding kettle, replacing the cumbersome bundled kettle, folded up and put the bag, put the pocket, hang up OK, store lace more convenient.


Third, the use of environmentally friendly silicone (100% of the product material through ROHS, BPA and the US FDA and the EU's RACH and LFGBT detection, food-grade health material, both high temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius and no toxic substances)

Baby drink water need a good cup, a good cup, not a product, but a life!
No matter how muddy the way, you are my companion.
 To every moment of youth to accompany you to cherish with you every day, at the moment with me, very calm
With you, to where you go, in the unknown place, witness the uninhibited youth

Heart free to live free! Beautiful life comes from fun!