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Super simple lazy shoelace system, learn a lifetime do not w

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-12

For those who like to exercise, Although the athletic shoes is not less. But the attendant problem is that you should always be tied shoelaces, although not a complicated thing, but at any time bent waist shoelace will make you very upset. Although the movement can be used by one or two shoelaces to help you in front of people like "Shuashuai", but the number of lovers release more, or quite embarrassing.


There are many troubles will be comming while the shoelace long:

Because all along, the shop has found that there are several shoes shoelaces are always very long! I will not name it, hum!

Each time finished shoelaces, will be more long length, but also do not know in the end why

But I believe that most of the small partners like me have a pair of days remnants, and according to Murphy's law, cut shoes with this kind of thing, will certainly fail.


And a bunch of online shoelaces tutorial, really people can not understand! Shoes so nice?

Into a variety of fancy is also very special ... ... for me a word "ugly".


So, I help you sort out some simple eager to learn, hand and then disabled will be the way to solve the more out of the long shoelaces!


Very simple way, not to get what fancy lace, do not need to play in the Department of shoelaces when a knot, but also can easily solve the excess shoelaces.


Export the world's creative shoelaces, not only save my shoes time, with the rescue of a lot of our shoes! Bought several pairs of shoelaces shoelaces shoes, did not wear a few times I firmly do not wear, because it will not tie shoelaces, and the Department of the more ugly, wear too much trouble. Since I met the source front lazy shoelace this goods too God, the silicone material, very flexible, great pull, wear off are very convenient, clean and more convenient than ordinary shoelaces!