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Lazy people new benefits - lazy silicone lace

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-12

As a lazy, should also have the ultimate feelings. As a lazy to the extreme people, how can tolerate the Department of shoelaces so troublesome thing? Traditional shoelaces are not only troublesome, but also easy to off, if the movement when the shoelaces off, there is the risk of injury falls. Shoelaces is designed to solve these problems, as is the elimination of shoelaces, the ultimate lazy.


Shoelace principle is very simple, that is, both sides of the shoelaces were inserted into a silicone. When the shoes put on. In addition, the elasticity of silicone lace is very strong. So in the strenuous exercise such as playing basketball, shoelaces will not fall off. Surprise is that this product is not only easy to wear shoes, slippers is also very convenient, as long as the heel fixed to the top of the foot, not worn inside the upper fabric.


And most of the same gadgets, there are a variety of sizes, colors to choose from, with a variety of shoes to facilitate. Question came, there is a silicone shoe on the top of the shoe will not affect the comfort of the shoes?

And we will not use our lace silicone material, comfortable and environmentally friendly materials, and non-toxic and no taste, health and health. Exquisite design elegant yet elegant, simple yet unique. Easy to use, safe, do not pull hands. And finally high temperature Oh!