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Silicone foldable telescopic kettle, outdoor best choice!

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-27

For outdoor enthusiasts, pick a good kettle that is a necessary thing, then what kind of kettle is good?

This very scalable folding kettle is very convenient, if it is water, when the normal use of the same kettle, but after drinking water, can be folded and folded on the bag, so that both convenient and environmentally friendly.

This kettle can be fully compressed and folded. Need to use the time, first of all to the side of the kettle to promote the formation of a class of semi-circular objects, and then pull the bottom of the kettle pull the ring, the other half of the circle to pull out. In this way, the compressed kettle is fully inflated and can be loaded with liquid. This stretch folding kettle in the way of carrying the trip is very convenient, can reduce a lot of baggage pressure.