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  Have a sound after-sales service network, the group has set up in guangdong, sichuan, gansu and Shanghai branch, in yinchuan, xining, Hohhot, urumqi, xi 'an, guiyang, wuhan, Beijing, shenyang, hefei, nanchang, changsha, kunming, nanning and other places with offices, the office strictly in accordance with the requirements of the company's policy and the after-sale technical service for all users, earnestly to our professional, dedicated to win the broad masses of the user's consistent high praise. Dwyer provide lasting effective technical support, according to the specific condition of each customer the most reasonable and effective maintenance plan, and for some VIP customers (commonly used models of more than 1000 kw and more than 500000 years spare parts usage) engineer in factory service, truly personalized service ? 24 hours a day