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    [Industry dynamic]Obama 's farewell speech[2017-05-15]
    Chicago January 10 under a rainy day, the weather was gloomy, cold wind swept the Great Lakes water. McCormick, one of the largest convention and exhibition centers in North America, is located on the shores of the lake, where Obama celebra...
    [Industry dynamic]Why the Surface of Silicone Products not Smooth ?[2017-05-15]
    Silica products produced during the production mold surface is not smooth appear, there are signs of streaking, how else? Many silicone products manufacturer at the time of production of products have appeared in the mold surface of the mol...
    [Industry dynamic]Why Do Purchase Silicone Foldable Water Bottle?[2017-05-15]
    Water is the source of life,Therefore, the container of water is very important,A wide variety of kettles on the market,Why Do Purchase Silicone Foldable Water Bottle? Because silicone foldable water bottle is better than that all of the wa...
    [Industry dynamic]How to better develop creative silicone gifts?[2017-05-15]
    Creativity is important both for the country and for the company,Many companies want to be able to develop a newsilicone gift,Owned patents,But also a proof of strength of the company. ​ But how to better develop silicone gift ideas,Silic...
    [Industry dynamic]This Water Bottle Can Collapsible[2017-05-15]
    Like the movement will want to have a practical and convenient water bottle, you can solve the problem of minutes to add water. There are too many kettles on the market to attract people, but if it is not convenient then it will not be inte...
    [Industry dynamic]Why silicone products easy to absorb dust?[2017-05-15]
    Havetroublesinsiliconeproductsthatcoveredwithimpurities,so that many people dont likesilicone products,but we can take measuresprevention. Silicone is mainly a physical adsorption force,Even where it is placed anywhere,Dust will be with the...
    [Industry dynamic]How to enhance the appearance of silicone products grade?[2017-05-15]
    For silicone products ,appearance is particularly important,If not specifically requested silicone rubber products,do the surface are generally sand surface,If the customer has special requirements,You can make according to the actual needs...
    [Industry dynamic]Kettle of the classification - kettle wholesale offer - kett[2017-05-15]
    The kettle is a container filled with water, there are a variety of materials, can refer to the burning of water with a metal pot, you can also refer to easy to carry a drinking kettle, and so some! Classification of kettles (A) by use poin...