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How to correctly use pacifiers?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

Today, we talk about a more sensitive topic: how to properly use the pacifier? Presumably we will see foreign babies often wear a pacifier, so the baby's emotions will always remain stable. Now, the pacifier more and more "lazy" mothers are used, then, pacifier is free to use it?

silicone baby pacifier clip chain

1. Wash the pacifier

Every day with baby special detergent cleansing pacifier. If you encounter dirt or fall to the ground, should immediately clean it.
2. Timely updates
Old, cracked, with small holes and the upper part of the pacifier to complete the timely replacement. Usually two months will change a new, if your child sucking power is great, we must more frequent replacement
3. Select a teat similar to the nipple
Give your child a pacifier that resembles the shape of your mother's nipple. Do not let the child over-rely on pacifier.
4. Preparation of molar toys

If the child always bite the pacifier, give him the toy to prepare the tooth. To avoid the child to pacifier nipple off, swallow, otherwise it will block the child's trachea, the risk of suffocation.


Warm little tips
Let the child correctly use the pacifier is the mothers must have homework, but also do not forget, when the child grows, its phased tasks are completed, remember to make nipples come back!