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Do you like silicone beach bag?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

(Se), wearing a sultry bikini, wearing a sunglasses lying on the warm sun bathing beach ... ... so every time to see which one Leave to the sea of friends made friends circle, I immediately shield, serious pull black, which for us office workers is simply the spirit and the body of the double destruction ~ of course, see the star vacation is another matter, because people have Taste and seductive (I will not admit that my colleagues are very seductive), the most important thing is people Equipment! Preparation! Qi! all!

silicone beach bag

Well, clean up my jealousy, get down to business. Silicone beach bag is a vacation essential equipment, large capacity, can be packed into all the items you need at the beach, but what exactly should be installed? Recently, the stars have sun drying out of their holiday equipment, silicone beach bag.

silicone beach bag

Jamie Chung said: "I am obsessed with the collection of this silicone beach bag, and is different types, the above has a very cool printing, this is a new brand, I like super! You can also embroidered in your bag I chose the pink and yellow, especially for the summer!

silicone beach bag

After reading their drying package, and finally understand why I can not do a star, because I live too rough ~ rough ~. But in order to go on vacation to buy a beach bag is also too tasteless, right? I can only say that your skill is still shallow, look at our goddess Olivia Palermo, you will understand the beach bag can also be daily concave shape.