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What should be paid attention to in the silicone products de

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-05-16

Silicone products are made of raw materials made of silicone products, is now the green era, more and more people have the concept of environmental protection, therefore, very popular with people's favorite silicone products. So, the silicone plant in the design should pay attention to what?

1. Structure

Structure refers to a silicone products, external and internal components through a variety of ways of organic combination, here refers to the use of different processes to produce a device with one or more objects of various structures. It reflects the process characteristics of silicone products, but also reflects the use of silicone products function and performance. For each structure, you can use both practical and decorative design. Practical structure refers to the practical application of mobile phone holster performance of the structure; decorative structure is only for the design itself needs, does not have practicality.
2. Outline
The shape is actually a relatively stable geometry. It is believed that the appearance of the geometry is favored by the shape of the front of the geometry, but the shape of the side, top, and bottom has a significant effect on the designer. The surfaces themselves interact and need to be designed Division to seriously combine, in order to design the silicone products become beautiful, generous or give people the feeling of deviant.
3. Innovation
Creative decorative design is often the finishing touch from the role of silicone products is designed to be one of the most important content. Decorative practical accessories and decorative accessories, practical accessories is a practical function and performance, and its shape can play the imagination of the appearance of parts and components, more and more designers engraved in the practical accessories, silk screen or laser brand logo, Thereby replacing the simple signs of hardware, the logo into practical accessories, to create a new atmosphere of the new, new, to reflect a brand awareness! Of course, some silicone products used in miscellaneous parts, you can ignore this part!
4. Raw materials

Said here that the raw material is the silicone material quality, texture and variety of integrated, silicone products manufacturers design is one of the elements to be considered. The design of even the best if the use of substandard silicone materials will directly affect the technological results and components of the technical treatment methods and durability.

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