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    [Industry dynamic]Top 5 Eco Squeeze Silicone Water Bottle Review[2017-06-08]
    I purchased this at a local discount retailer today and I actually like the bottle. Its soft and has a loop so I can clip it onto my bag. Like another reviewer mentioned, the cap is a PAIN to put on (it screws on lop sided which makes you a...
    [Industry dynamic]What is silicone gift?[2017-06-06]
    Silicone jewelry refers to the use of silicone rubber as raw material to play the use of silicone rubber raw material properties of the production of silicone ornaments, silicone jewelry is the essence of the decoration, with the developmen...
    [News]How to correctly use pacifiers?[2017-05-16]
    Today, we talk about a more sensitive topic: how to properly use the pacifier? Presumably we will see foreign babies often wear a pacifier, so the babys emotions will always remain stable. Now, the pacifier more and more lazy mothers are us...
    [News]Do you like silicone beach bag?[2017-05-16]
    (Se), wearing a sultry bikini, wearing a sunglasses lying on the warm sun bathing beach ... ... so every time to see which one Leave to the sea of friends made friends circle, I immediately shield, serious pull black, which for us office wo...
    [News]What should be paid attention to in the silicone products de[2017-05-16]
    Silicone products are made of raw materials made of silicone products, is now the green era, more and more people have the concept of environmental protection, therefore, very popular with peoples favorite silicone products. So, the silicon...
    [Industry dynamic]Do you know the silicone materials increase in price?[2017-05-16]
    Recently, on the national economic regulation and control, silicone products factory also deeply felt what the market price increases, raw material prices rose, carton prices, and logistics prices also rose .. Silicone productsare now in th...
    [Industry dynamic]How to maintain a silicone necklace​?[2017-05-16]
    Silicone necklaceis a very suitable for mother decoration, not only beautiful, but also allows the baby to chew. Then, how to maintain a silicone necklace 1.We recommend hand washing in warm, soapy water and laying flat to dry. We wash befo...
    [Industry dynamic]How fast clean to silicone water bottle?[2017-05-16]
    When thesilicone water bottleused to a certain time will produce some dirt, then, how can we quickly and simply remove dirt? Here are four methods for reference. 1 lemon law in addition to scale A period of global chopped a lemon into the p...