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How can the correct use of mouth suction nose device

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

To the baby clear nasal secretions is a very troublesome thing to make parents, at this stage the baby does not know how to clear their own, a lot of ways is not clean can not easily hurt the baby's nose. Many parents will now use the nose device to the baby to remove nasal secretions, which suction suction nose device is more commonly used, then the mouth suction suction device easy to use it? What is the type of suction nose on the market, including the pump-type nasal suction device, mouth suction suction nose device and electric suction device, mouth suction suction nose and other than the nose device advantages Performance: with the mother's most gently sucking thin nose, suction can adjust the attraction, do not worry will hurt the nose. Contact with the baby's nose part of the appropriate shape and material will not bring harm to the baby. Straw length suitable, the use of small and flexible soft head will not penetrate into the nasal cavity, but will not cause damage to the nasal mucosa, easy to use.
Baby's nasal secretions are more, parents must regularly clean up for the baby. If the secretions do not get clean up for a long time, it is easy and the air of dust and other objects to form a booger, to clean up the difficulty, the parents in the use of mouth suction nasal suction device to the baby before cleaning in the baby sober state Nasal drops two drops of breast milk, booger can be softened in a short time, nasal suction device will be able to more easily suck out. The use of mouth suction nasal suction device to clean up the nasal secretions before the baby must be strictly sterilized, or bacteria easily through the baby's nasal cavity directly into the body, so as to the baby's health to bring adverse effects. The suction suction nose is mainly composed of three parts: suction mouth, suction head and storage bottle. The storage bottle can be opened separately and cleaned and disinfected. Parents must adopt appropriate sterilization method according to the material of the nose device when disinfected. Some material in the case of heat easily deformed, not suitable for high temperature sterilization method for disinfection. How to use the nose device can effectively remove the baby's nasal secretions, parents in the use of nasal suction device, we must pay attention to the correct use of the method, to be able to achieve the best results.
First, let the baby keep the right posture. Parents can put the baby on the thigh or flat place, the parents and the baby's face relative to see the baby's nostrils. If you are using a pump-type nasal suction device, the first nasal suction device flattened into the nostrils, slowly release the nose device, then the nose will be sucked out. And then take out the nose device, forced the nose of the nose and the solution sprayed on toilet paper. Repeat the above action until the nose is light. If you are using a mouth suction nose device, the parents close to the bottle on the baby's nose, away from the bottle on the mouth of the suction, according to the shape of the secretions and the amount of self-regulation, the bottle in the suction process Is always placed on top, used to receive the discharge of the secretions.
Parents choose the nose device must pass the quality, the tip of the material must be soft, so as not to cause damage to the baby's nose. After each use of the nose after the nose, must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and viruses, once again to the baby when the baby will bring the health of the serious impact. The above information from the source of the nose suction suction nose manufacturers to provide you with.