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How to treat the pros and cons of pacifier

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

Pacifier is almost every baby must have supplies, about 80% of the baby, at least continue to use for more than a few months. However, pacifier is really good for children? Still worse? Is always a controversial issue. Let us from the pros and cons to explore the pacifier of the merits and demerits, untied parents of its contradictory complex.
Why do babies eat pacifiers?
Little baby to pacify the complex, should be traced back to the fetus during the fetus. Sucking reflex, is the instinct of mammals to survive, the fetus in the amniotic fluid in nothing, will suck their own thumbs to entertain, so the fingers are congenital with the first pacifier, some fetuses or babies are not necessarily the usual thumb , And other fingers have a preference!
The significance of this trick, not just self-satisfaction, in fact, more important is the fetus in the "field survival" course, if not fully exercise, not as good as compatriots, multi-cell mammals, such as pigs Case, will certainly be eliminated, can not survive. Therefore, the baby continued to meet the sucking reflex, will have a sense of security.
What is the benefit of pacifier?
Pacifier, the child does have a positive effect, as long as the child sleepy and restless, stuffed into the pacifier on the quiet smile to sleep, any caregivers, have to appease the pacifier.
Advice pacifier academic papers, attributed to the benefits of nipples include: easy to clean, to meet the appetite, increase the sense of security, and even studies have pointed out that pacifier can reduce the incidence of infant sudden death.
Why is the expert against the use of pacifier?
Since the pacifier is easy to use, why oppose the sound did not calm it? The problem in the use of the time should not be too long. The physiological needs of the baby sucking, in the birth to six months old this time the strongest, then rely on pacifiers can understand.
But if the parents or little baby accustomed to let the nipple all the way with the baby grow up, it may cause a negative impact. According to academic papers summarized the nipple losses include: increase oral oral infection with Candida, to promote the growth of dental caries bacteria, long-term use caused by occlusion is not correct, improve the incidence of otitis media.
To the parents of intimate words
From these specific recommendations, the pacifier is used early, it is better to use it, to grasp its age can be used as a good helper to take care of children. But do not forget, when the child grows, its stage of the task is completed, remember to let the nipple into the body back Oh!