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Silicone products have no shelf life?

Source:未知 Sentiment:Published time:2017-04-20

In our lives a lot of things have quality problems, quality problems will be involved in the shelf life of the problem, we may be the common food shelf life, a shelf life of food for many friends are very seriously, anything has a Shelf life, large and small products, daily necessities, including silicone products are the same, many friends have questioned, silicone products is not bad is the shelf life to you, in fact, silicone products are not so simple, the following we say! The following are the same as the "
Silicone products, the shelf life is mainly calculated in accordance with the two, one is in accordance with the number of times, one is running in accordance with the time, not long ago friends asked, one of his silicone nipple put a year not used, Can I use it? This problem also has a lot of argument, some say that is not bad can be used, and some said silicone material for a long time can not be used, in fact, the shelf life of silicone products is mainly in accordance with the manufacturer's production requirements, many products have different performance The The following are the same as the "
Some of our commonly used life silicone products are basically imported food grade silicone production, so the material can still be, the shelf life is mainly depends on the performance of silica gel and we add in the production of materials and use, ordinary silicone products for some industrial If not artificial for more than two years is no problem, we live with silica gel material is better, in general can be used for three to five years is no problem, but in the daily necessities, because the silica gel in the humid air The performance will slowly reduce the degradation, so the top of life if it is to prevent too long, or recommend not to use, for the shelf life of silicone is mainly depends on the product of raw materials and uses, a variety of silicone products are different shelf life , So when the purchase out of other performance, but also pay attention to shelf life there is no special requirements, after the use of!